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By fostering strong relationships and maintaining outstanding rapport with our suppliers, we can provide customized solutions tailored to the specific requirements of our customers.

Insulated Metal Panels

Efficiency Meets Design

The controlled environment, architectural, commercial, and industrial buildings of today and the future require building envelopes that are increasingly energy efficient. Moreover, there are growing commitments to enclose buildings with low carbon materials that are sustainably produced to  meet LEED ratings and NetZero construction targets. Thermo Design Insulation Ltd helps meet these needs with the supply and installation of insulated metal panels that have some of the highest R-values and some of the lowest embedded carbon in any wall system available today. Our offices across Canada will work with your design team to choose from a wide selection of profiles, colors, dimensions, accessories and finishing details to meet your aesthetic and budgetary requirements.

Quality You Can Count On

We proudly supply and install panels from the following manufacturers: Kingspan, Metlspan, Vicwest, Centria, Benchmark, Morin, CPI Daylighting Translucent and Major Industries Translucent.

ACM & Cladding

Get Noticed

ACM and cladding continue to be a popular choice for accents at entrances and feature walls on many of the projects we complete. We do install ACM and cladding over conventional built-up wall systems; however, the overlay of ACM, cladding and other architectural metals over insulated metal panels has increased exponentially in recent years due to speed of install and the energy efficiency of insulated metal panels.

Limitless Options

Let us show you the wide range of product options we can supply and install, such as ACM, commercial cladding, architectural cladding, formed metal cladding, perforated cladding, aluminum siding and planking and formed aluminum fins. We can also facilitate the installation of large PV solar panel arrays directly to our panel support system.

More Than Just Panels

The core of TDI since 1981 has been in the installation of building envelopes for controlled environments. As such we continue to supply and install key components that help to complete your critical building envelopes.

Our supply and installation of complementing components includes mechanical pipe and vessel insulation with metal or PVC jacketing, under slab insulation for freezer installations, high speed roll-up doors, insulated bi-parting cooler and freezer doors, insulated cooler and freezer swing doors, impact doors and wall protection.