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At TDI, safety is more than a priority. It's in our values.

COR Certified Since 2009

Thermo Design is committed to providing a safe work environment to protect our staff, the public and property. With over 40 years of experience, we’ve managed to develop a comprehensive safety program in cooperation with local construction safety associations.

Safety at TDI has always been a collaborative effort between workers, supervisors and managers. We have worked together as a team to develop a large inventory of safe work practices and safe job procedures that accurately reflect the scope of work we perform. With input from all levels of personnel over the years, we’ve discovered the right type of tools, PPE, supplies and equipment that allow our crews to do their job safely and efficiently.

Our safety program is audited on an annual basis and provides:

  • Corporate policy, assigned responsibilities, and workplace rules
  • Hazard assessment and controls
  • Ongoing worker & supervisor orientation, training, education, and
  • Job-specific safe work practices and procedures
  • Equipment operation and maintenance practices and procedures
  • Safety requirements and systems that focus on management, supervisor and employee awareness to reduce workplace incidents
  • Incident investigation, audits, and reporting
  • Worksite health & safety inspections to monitor the health & safety of our workforce as well as monitor the program’s effectiveness
  • Emergency management and response systems and procedures
  • A modified work program so any injured employee can continue safe and meaningful work during recovery.

TDI employs full time National Construction Safety Officers to work closely with our managers and workers to support our operations.

We are current subscribers & in good standing with the following online contractor safety management platforms